AP-DOUBLE is the innovative and useful tool for cleaning the house, that gives you the opportunity to sweep and mop the floor with a single product.

We developed the system evolution AP-DOUBLE with new various accessories: 


AP-DOUBLE is a Worldwide Patent.

If you are interested buying our Patent write us at 


Designed after years of study, with the most modern technologies, AP-DOUBLE has a single handle and two different endings, that can be changed thanks to a sliding system, to meet the two different features, broom and mop, depending on the situation.

AP-DOUBLE has been carefully designed to facilitate the work of the people using it. It is lightweight and practical, to make it easier to use. Is small, so it takes up little space when it is placed.

AP-DOUBLE is easy to use! Through the sliding mechanism is transformed from one tool to the other quickly and effortlessly, while the ergonomic handle makes it very handy and stable.

Designed with the specific intent to minimize the environmental impact, AP-DOUBLE is eco-friendly because it uses a quantity of plastic less than that necessary to built two separate tools.

AP-DOUBLE is based on a specially patented system of operation and the materials used for its construction are selected in full compliance with European regulations.

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